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Sea, Sky and Horizon

A beautiful place

I gazed at the vast expanse standing atop the highest point of a fort, which gave way to a mesmerizing view of beach below., and also view of the horizon.

It was spectacular in every way rending me speechless

The waves crashing on the rocks, hitting the walls of fort as if wanting to conquer it!
Breathtaking indeed!

There was so much it spoke in a language bereft of words yet full of emotions and I stood overwhelmed by feelings.. But I felt strangely at peace listening the lullaby of waves

Horizon; the meeting place of sea and sky reminded of you and me where my dreams are the horizon and you my sky hovering near yet far!
The crashing waves just like my feelings trying to get a look of your heart but the walls of your heart blatantly refuse to let in.

Oh it was such a beautiful sight where happiness and brief coexisted in peace, lulling the fears to sleep!

There's magic in nature that fascinates not just the eyes but also the heart and also the soul, nature holds …


A fragment in this universe

Has dreams, likes, dislikes.

Is not anybody's property

Wants her freedom, just like you.

Is also human, treat her like one.

What is it with You and Rains..?

She looked on not trying to think, but mind has its own way and so thoughts bunched up at the back of her mind and she she swiped her mobile for the nth time and looked at his picture, he had a infectious smile, she mused, while a slow smile tugged the corner of her lips

In a split of second she fell into his thoughts, which carried pain and sweetness!
Never had she thought that falling for him will leave her confused and broken.

I don't analyze my feelings, and I never understand it. I go more with my mind than heart..And this feelings thing will not work know..

Of course, how foolish of me to think, that he'll ever love me..she thought bitterly.

20 seconds of agony and she shut her phone and went out of room, as if the air around her had carried his fragrance.

Sky broke and rain poured down drenching the earth. Nature can be the mirror or it just acts as a receptor mirroring the feelings one feel, like it's happening now with her.
Motionless she stood watching rain, a …

A Confession

Your name had drawn me to you. Yes, Even before I saw you, your name held a curiosity;
And that is the reason I spoke to you.
We acknowledged our friendship and it was normal for both of us. But somewhere I had my doubts as to what you really are. Kinda bad boy?, my mind questioned a lot.
But you made me feel comfortable around you.  And that was all I wanted.

As days passed,we were much more ease with one another. You never pretended, which I liked most.
You are not the Oh sooo sweeet guy type. But more of bitter.. Bittersweet guy..
A caring guy. I felt your care almost always! But you also teased me, called me names.. But then it all made us much closer.

And we became Best Friends!! :) :)

Days,months,years passed in blink of eye

But in all these whirlwind I liked you so much..Or much more than that
I am not sure whether you realized it or not but I took my time for the realization to sink in.
Was it just like? or did I get attached to you.. I couldn't find answer.
But I think you guessed it…


Ah I sigh
a sweet sigh 
thinking about you
with fondness,
you, the sweetness
of the melody played in spring
making my heart sing!

I wait for you
like a tree shedding its leaves
with a loud sigh
waiting..for you
my spring
barren heart of mine
longs to bloom


Known Stranger

It was another sleepless night for me, where past and future fought my attention.
Tired of heeding their request I switch on my phone and scroll through the feed on a social platform, a series on photography catch my eye,a new one in my following list. I 'like' those black and white pictures,
While a new message pops up from the photographer of course.
A simple banter follows by two bored human beings, a basic hi hello and background of present status, were the typical q and a. Deciding to call it a day, I am about to type a good night, when I get a message asking to send the song I'm listening.
Exchanging the link of songs,I paste the link ready to hear, but what fills my ear jolts my heart. It's a familiar song, which was played in loop day and night. Mind feels clogged and then memories rush causing blurred visions of all those halcyon days. Sleep which hovered above few minutes back is nowhere to be seen. Pain and love pound the walls of my heart, my mind numbs while my s…