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Sea, Sky and Horizon

A beautiful place

I gazed at the vast expanse standing atop the highest point of a fort, which gave way to a mesmerizing view of beach below., and also view of the horizon.

It was spectacular in every way rending me speechless

The waves crashing on the rocks, hitting the walls of fort as if wanting to conquer it!
Breathtaking indeed!

There was so much it spoke in a language bereft of words yet full of emotions and I stood overwhelmed by feelings.. But I felt strangely at peace listening the lullaby of waves

Horizon; the meeting place of sea and sky reminded of you and me where my dreams are the horizon and you my sky hovering near yet far!

The crashing waves just like my feelings trying to get a look of your heart but the walls of your heart blatantly refuse to let in.

Oh it was such a beautiful sight where happiness and brief coexisted in peace, lulling the fears to sleep!

There's magic in nature that fascinates not just the eyes but also the heart and also the soul, nature holds stories and lessons to us, the superior mankind!

Watching the waves I contemplated many things compared the sea to lover who cannot reach her lover, the sky but knows that there is this beautiful place where the impossible is shown! 
The sea knowing only too well that it can never reach the sky makes peace with its self.
Sometimes rising above and sometimes brooding low, it wails and laughs.. Crashing incessantly on the rocks! And the shore; it's eternal companion..

Yeah!! That is, isn't it? Maybe it can never rise to sky but it can never part shore nor the shore can part the sea.. They are the soulmates with unwavering understanding and acceptance!

And there are rocks of course which sometimes soften feeling the mad rush of emotions splashed by sea.

The majestic fort a mute yet towering spectator of this spectacular show holds a silent smile, for witnessing this play of nature..

And last but not the least.. We humans who come seeking solace, adventure, happiness, companionship.. Soaking wet in the selfless serenity offered, find our answers or find the peace which we so much yearn in our chaotic lives 

Coming to the lesson we must understand and accept that certain things cannot happen and certain things happen feeding us with lessons, it happens not just to make us taste the bitterness and tears but how also to make us stronger despite of failures and heartbreaks.

And also there'll be someone who seek inspiration and couple it with imagination to write a love story on this wild sea and find answers to the questions troubling them!

image source : own


  1. Beautiful!! An amazing view to the nature's lessons.

    1. Welcome to my blog Geet :)
      Yeah nature is the best thing that we must experience!
      Thank you :)
      Keep visiting this space :)


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