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What is it with You and Rains..?

She looked on not trying to think, but mind has its own way and so thoughts bunched up at the back of her mind and she she swiped her mobile for the nth time and looked at his picture, he had a infectious smile, she mused, while a slow smile tugged the corner of her lips

In a split of second she fell into his thoughts, which carried pain and sweetness!
Never had she thought that falling for him will leave her confused and broken.

I don't analyze my feelings, and I never understand it. I go more with my mind than heart..And this feelings thing will not work know..

Of course, how foolish of me to think, that he'll ever love me..
she thought bitterly.

20 seconds of agony and she shut her phone and went out of room, as if the air around her had carried his fragrance.

Sky broke and rain poured down drenching the earth. Nature can be the mirror or it just acts as a receptor mirroring the feelings one feel, like it's happening now with her.
Motionless she stood watching rain, a part of her wanted to stand in rain and let everything go.. but she was transfixed, while rain and wind played on.
A beautiful sight it was!

But then her stance broke by his call.

It's raining, are you out in rain?

I wouldn't have picked your call if i had been.

So what are you doing?

Just watching it.., can I join you?




Hey wait.. you sound odd.. is everything fine? 

Do you care?

Hmm..fine.. if this is the way you want..take care

Please don't pretend like you care. bye

I don't pretend!! I don't get what's wrong with you!!

Please.. you won't get it, even if you do get, you'll just remain indifferent..

Hmm...I wish rain will calm you down... I am just practical..please..


Hey.. wait..she's calling me.... I'll catch you..ok..?

That's alright, bye.. I'll be busy, I think I'll move out..

.....Why....? are you sure....? you know... I..

She is waiting... and yes I don't want to remain here long... you don't need to see me off. Thanks for everything.. and do take care..... I'll miss you.

She ends the call and steps out, to drench in rain.

But, even rain starts to prick her, just like him and his thoughts.
He was out of her league when she met him, but things stirred up eventually unplanned. 
And now he was soon going to get married to a woman, his parents chose.

What is it with rains and you, now? This feeling is weighing me down, she said to no one.
Her thoughts thundered, as torrent of tears rolled out of her eyes.

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He gazed the rain drops with an intense longing, which was locked safe in his heart!

I love much that it hurts..both whispered


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