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I never stood a chance...

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She : I never stood a chance, did I..?
He : It's not what you think..the chance of you cannot be equated to the chance of 'Us'..don't you think?
She : Chance of 'Us' can happen only if I am your choice..but the way you are talking now..
He : It's not that I don't have feelings for you think it was all a farce..! You don't..don't you?
She : I am not questioning your feelings..I remember you speaking about our bond and saying that you don't want to name it.. and all this while I thought that you meant our bond to be nameless..our relationship to be beyond name..without conforming to the boundaries but something pure and free..but never in my dream I thought that you don't want to give it a name!!
He : Yes I didn't name because I wanted our relationship to take its own course, I didn't want to restrict it..
She : I can construct dam to a river but never to an ocean.. you are one such …

Wind, warmth and nostalgia

Driving through the rain drenched roads awash with cold wind which hit my face without mercy, I was transported into realm of silence until I chance upon you driving through the same road enjoying the bliss of rain on the bike you love racing along with the speed you favour most, a passionate recklessness coupled with wild abandon oozed out of you, attractive it was to see you in your own world and in that moment the rain and wind froze... ceased to exist, it's you alone holding my mind in your grasp, the cold wind brazing my face just adds the right amount of chill to my already shivering heart which is beating against the rib cage.

I see you laugh with the person sitting behind you, the fun and frolic you are experiencing is drains away my energy but I sit mutely not wanting to surrender to tears, but memories pierce one after other testing my will, 
I dare myself to not cry, not succumb to bitterness towards you nor me nor 'us' in the past, 
I feel suffocated for a brief m…

Rainbows and Tears

The sun blazing hot over head shined like there won't be any rain for few days but as the evening approached the rain poured dousing the scorched heat which was experienced just a few hours ago.
Samhita went about doing her share of chores cursing both the sun and rain, these were the two extreme ends of the spectrum and she despised the extremes as much as she can.

Today's rain mirrored her torrent of thoughts which overpowered her mind which struggled to rein them in! She had locked those memories for good or so she thought until they came to drown her in full flow!
Making her question about her strength, will, whatever you call.. But isn't it just one side effect of feelings that explode the sanity of mind until one surrenders to their object of affection? yeah just one side effect of many such!
Feelings are powerful enough is crush the logic and brittle enough to break causing pain again, it's a chain reaction she thought, wiping the mirror clean, staring at her own ey…

Love - Poem

Hey! Just another attempt in writing poem, please bear with me Since childhood I am fascinated by the concept of reincarnation, I don't know if it's real or just an imagination, but it does fuel my mind with vivid fantasies and thoughts.
Happy reading :)

Candid Shots of Life

Of late I have been interested in photography, especially in candid shots, observation has always been my strong forte and photography is all about observing and capturing moments,
And to pursue this hobby of mine I started going out to different localities and public places a lot,
I look at people closely, try to read their expression and guess their life stories, apart from this I try to hear them speak which leads me to gossips, secrets, and tales of happiness and sadness.

I capture them of course without their knowledge, the mischief glint in their expression while they gossip about the neighborhood, the twinkle of happiness, the pride while talking about the success achieved by their children, the stealing glance of lovers, the angry stare while arguing, the silent pain..People when they express what they really feel is absolutely awesome, I find them interesting, it is glorious when they drop their masks and embrace their emotions.

These days I have been visiting a local park where …

Title please..

From books to movies, concerts to presentations, the first thing that we see is the Title or simply the Name, and of course even this blog wants a Title to get registered at any blogging community or even to just submit a post published.
Choosing a title is not so easy, at least in my case. If you have come across my posts previously then you might have noticed that my blog title was different, it was named 'A Dreamer's Words', also I had a blog prior to this which was named differently 2- 3 times!!
I was never quite satisfied with my blog titles, the names I believe must give you slight idea of the writer or the writer's thoughts, after all this is the platform to express one's thoughts through words, isn't it?
I came across my brilliant blogs with amazing and quirky titles, but I couldn't find one for myself!!

Though I am daydreamer, I wasn't feeling okay with the title, there was this nagging feeling somewhere in the back of my mind, but I let my mi…

Maya - Enchanting Illusion

Sweeter than nectar It was bliss! The heavenly happiness Filling my heart
Smile of pride kissed my Lips And I owned the world. I rejoiced in the glory  Of Happiness and Love
A rosy view of life I had. Then the curtain feel Shattering my heart to splinters
My heart cried in agony Eyes grew tired of crying Depression owned me now As my world fell apart
There was no fault of mine 'Why did I deserve such thing?', I asked 'You deserve much more', She said
Her answer seemed to mock me 'It was a beautiful illusion' She continued 'A glittering golden net wooed you'. 'It cannot be illusion, It felt real', I countered 'You felt it was real, but it's not!' 'It was a veil covering your senses. You have to cast it away And see the world for how it is! And not just what u want to see'
Maya!! Enchanting veil Maya, the beautiful shadow Is necessary but not ultimate or permanent!
Remember.. Maya resides everywhere Open your inner eye And see the world Enjoy the pleasures of world F…

Song of Pain

Sharp pang felt in heart by barrage of memories. A song is born on her lips haunted by love A lone tear of melancholy smiled as the violins sprung to life! Lost in pain She sang away as if in trance drowning and dying She sang in agony as if she was never alive!!
-Pearl in Dreams

Drop in the Ocean

This Post has been chosen by Blogadda team for the WOW Prompt - A Drop in the Ocean

I watched the butterfly flutter around flowers in delight enjoying the company of just bloomed flowers, what a beauty life is, I think everyone would have come across this line - "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a Butterfly"
And I am still a caterpillar cocooned in a shell, wanting to explore the world yet chained down..


*a few years back*

The noises in and around didn't make much sense, a way to end it all was the only thing looked forward.

How did I end up here was the constant question buzzing in my head, half baked advises, half baked understanding and dreams everything pushed me far from thinking straight, after all I was just another student who had cleared her 12th exams - PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), the pride of parents, a tag to boast! 
Just another stude…

Embraced by pain

Tears pooled her eyes as she rested her head against the window, people bustled around but none made an impact, she was lost in her own world of pain.
Hurt teared her at seams, ache which she got used to by now twisted her heart making her flinch but she didn't give in.

The train chugged along gathering speed, and she let pain wash her soul, while the tears streamed down her cheeks, memories flashed in blur and everything seemed hollow.
Mind grappled those memories in vain, and the fresh torrent of tears were unleashed.

A relationship potent enough to take you on highs you never been, can also push you down with no scruples! This was other face of truth of relationship which blew her to pieces! 

She was her own confidant now, with him gone. But even her fingers refused to wipe her tears away, as she sat immobile with eyes closed, and her hair locks brushing her face, 
the wind dried the salty trails cascading down her cheeks..

P.S : Just a feeling to write about pain..but i think I fell…

Family Drama

Me and Mom in between argument.

Mom : You must learn to bring down your temper

*me just stare at her*

Mom : If u get married-

Me : I won't. ok??! leave it now.

*mom stares and leaves*

*After few days*

*me and mom with relatives*

Mom : Girls nowadays don't know how to behave! 

A random relative : Yes yes totally agree, you know I saw a girl yesterday during my morning walk, oh God such short shorts!

Mom : What can we say? don't we have freedom they ask! When we were young no one dared to voice against elders

Another aunty : Yeah and we now let our children talk and go on and on about how we restrict them!

Mom : We must not advice them, nor must we tell them to do some minor chores! My daughter walks away if I ask her to do some household chores

*a few relatives look at me(with a knowing look)*

Relative : What will she do after her sister get married?

Chorus : She MUST do the chores!

*everyone chuckles*

*I am boiling inside*

Mom : Of course how else will she survive wi…


Wings fluttered to fly high But her ankles were chained. Her struggle noticed by moon alone,

Who peeked at her window helplessly..

The Guy in Black

There were not much people around, just a bunch of guys here, a group of women there, and a few girls walking around.

And she stood with her cousins, throwing a casual glance around the dining hall, as the girls babbled about groom and his friends.

Bored to death, she was about to leave, when he entered, the guy in black.
A friend of his ushered him to the buffet, and soon left him with the food, there was something that made her curious about him, maybe the way he walked or the way he chose the servings.

Looking around, he took a chair, which was diagonal to her.
Seconds passed, and they locked eyes on each other, a few seconds later breaking the eye contact she looked around to find empty chairs in plenty.

A small smile curved her lips.
Another stolen look at him, confirmed that he was looking at her. 
Many looks exchanged, she was contemplating on asking his name.

Let's go home, her mother nudged her.

With a silent sigh she walked away..

P.S : This was written long back! So you might find…

You Are..

You are the demon I like With an alluring smile A magnetic personality who dares. You are my inspiration My silence My chaos. The sweetness of my dreams Yet you are my worst critic You are the pain I write about And the love I smile about You are the dark sky I am the star Together we create night Singing the rhapsody of life


I feel a sweet yearning In the depth of my heart Calling out to the dream which ensnared me long ago A tremble in pulse A sigh escapes As I look at you Standing at the door  With an enchanting smile.

Learning to let go

After the last rant, I never wrote much about personal stuff as such, though there are posts lined up in drafts which needs editing and closure, I want to write something today and it's personal.
So readers, by all means skip further reading if you want.
It's been a year since I stopped talking to this beloved friend of mine and it was not something I wanted, I know people come and go, friends leave but it is the way we parted hurts more than anything, with hurtful words and ego clashes, though I tried contacting you again I didn't get any kind of reply and then one day I saw that my friend was happy, having fun with new friends and new lifestyle which felt like a blow, I don't know what I felt then.. Jealousy - that he was his usual chirpy and active self but I was  not! or  Anger - On myself that I was thinking about someone who never cared about my feelings at all.
I was whining and blaming myself for those hurtful words I said, for the way things turned out!
And s…

A Short story with no Name

We have been speaking for a long time now, and suddenly he starts speaking about a girl,  The smile which was plastered on my face falters a bit, pushing aside what was bubbling inside, I check my smile and let him continue talk about a girl who enchanted him.
'Am I boring you..?', he asks 'No :-), happy for you ;-) ', I reply while Deep inside my heart whisper - I'm just feeling a bit of sadness hearing about some girl whom you feel you are falling for, and I don't know why I'm sad.

This happened years back, yet i can still feel that pain.
Years later I understood that pain but he had slipped away from me..


Red adorning your feet Drawing me close in awe And the anklets laugh In sync with your fluid movements Bewitched and Unblinking I sat as you swirled in ecstatic motion A beauty unbound Harmoniously filling the sight with delight A divine dance weaving magic

Love that was! Friendship that will be - Part 1

He went leaving her stranded while she stood searching for words, he never saw her eyes lose life watching him walk away, the shine of liveliness was now taken over by void while tears pooled in her eyes

Love never promise mutual affection
Done reading?
Yeah! wassup!
I am all set to be received by my date
I can see that
Wish me luck! 
Hmm..this is the third date with him, why you need luck?
Last two were just eating, talking and flirting, nothing more. So I fervently hope things take a turn!!
Anything wrong? You sound dull
Nothing, just hungover about the book I read 
Ah, it's just a book for god-sake!
Right! Enjoy the night
Thanks, sweetheart! When will Vandita come?
In an hour
Cool. See ya!
Take care...

I felt haziness surround me with the turn of events, scrubbed harshly by realities, all the rose-tinted future I imagined are bleak now. 
Who knew my friend would date my Ex! Oh well correction..not my Ex lover, but more o…

Heart? or Mind?

As earth faced the moon, and stars adorned the sky, she took her seat across him, meeting him after all these years felt very taxing but somewhere a part of her had wished for this moment. He : It’s good to see you She : Same here He : So.. how are you? She : Fine, thank you and I can see you are fine too. Tell me about why this meeting? you didn’t call me here to ask how am I doing, isn’t it, after all these years. He : I want to know what you feel about me.. I mean ..I want you to leave all those bitterness about me and take care of your heart.. She : Why, now? Just because I am not married? or I am not in any relationship? I am fine, like really fine, this is my choice of living. And speaking of my heart, I think, heart can be taken care now or maybe later, but it is mind that must be handled with care, that is where memories reside, heart is resilient, it has the ability to heal..if not it collapses once for all, but what about mind? it eats every moment throwing flashes of memories ar…

Sweet and Sour Love

In a few hours the earth will bid bye to sun and most of the people hurry to get back to their home and others wake up to start their day or night to earn their living, isn't it amazing that someone's day of work is another's time of rest and vice versa
What's weird to us is beautiful to others
And sometimes
What's love to us is nothing to the person we love..
We can't explain life and it's plans
It's different for each of us or I can say it works in different way for each of us..

Lost in thoughts Neela?
Hey Krish, just like that, how was your day?
Good good, a new trainee joined our team, she is so beautiful, she-
Not again! I don't want to hear anymore.. I've heard talk about too many girls, yeah beautiful, lovely, bold, hot blah blah
Haha! I think jealousy is bad, isn't it?
Oh you think I'm jealous!
Why not?
Why jealous?
Mmm.. Maybe you like me
Oh! Eureka! You decoded a girl's feeling? Wow

Don't exaggerate, I know you like me, I have seen you…

New Year Rant!

Warning - Personal post ahead or rather rants, don't read if you don't like rantings or hate posts on personal opinions. It's New Year again!
The first night of the year 2017, and here I'm typing no.. Typing my random thoughts which are bombarding the mind.
It's funny isn't it, how nothing changes yet a year passed by and when we reflect our present situation, we never anticipated we would end up here! And also it's this time of year where your inbox is filled with wishes, relatives, friends, acquaintances, family friends etc etc who send and some call you midnight to wish you. And this circle includes close and not so close ones.
Why this rush to wish?! Where were these people all the other days? Do they wish just for the sake of it? Or do they really care?!
I never know.. These are just my personal thoughts. As far as I'm concerned my night viz, 31st night was pretty much same and I went to bed at 11.15 p.m and I was fast asleep by 12 until …