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New Year Rant!

Warning - Personal post ahead or rather rants, don't read if you don't like rantings or hate posts on personal opinions. It's New Year again!
The first night of the year 2017, and here I'm typing no.. Typing my random thoughts which are bombarding the mind.
It's funny isn't it, how nothing changes yet a year passed by and when we reflect our present situation, we never anticipated we would end up here! And also it's this time of year where your inbox is filled with wishes, relatives, friends, acquaintances, family friends etc etc who send and some call you midnight to wish you. And this circle includes close and not so close ones.
Why this rush to wish?! Where were these people all the other days? Do they wish just for the sake of it? Or do they really care?!
I never know.. These are just my personal thoughts. As far as I'm concerned my night viz, 31st night was pretty much same and I went to bed at 11.15 p.m and I was fast asleep by 12 until …