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New Year Rant!

Warning - Personal post ahead or rather rants, don't read if you don't like rantings or hate posts on personal opinions.
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It's New Year again!
The first night of the year 2017, and here I'm typing no.. Typing my random thoughts which are bombarding the mind.
It's funny isn't it, how nothing changes yet a year passed by and when we reflect our present situation, we never anticipated we would end up here!
And also it's this time of year where your inbox is filled with wishes, relatives, friends, acquaintances, family friends etc etc who send and some call you midnight to wish you. And this circle includes close and not so close ones.
Why this rush to wish?! Where were these people all the other days? Do they wish just for the sake of it? Or do they really care?!
I never know.. These are just my personal thoughts.
As far as I'm concerned my night viz, 31st night was pretty much same and I went to bed at 11.15 p.m and I was fast asleep by 12 until my mother woke me up!!
I had switched off my phone but the universe had other plans and so I promptly went around the home wishing my family with a sleepy face, they were busy on phones which was thrust into my hands as the people on the line, the so called relatives wanted to wish and then there was knock by the neighbors, who now are like extended family!! No kidding!
There's something about these phone calls I tell you! I stand sleepy eyed holding the phone and they on the other hand utter a happy new year followed by please hand over the phone to your mom or wait your uncle wants to wish and so it goes until each member of their family wishes me and the last asks me to pass my phone to other family members and the cycle repeats!! And sometimes after wishing you don't know what to talk next! It happened with me sometimes I stutter or murmur not knowing what to say and the awkward silence seeps in.. And I end up passing the phone to others.. Maybe these things just happen with me.
Anyway, there was a time when even I was eager to wish and call.. I remember when I was a school going girl we used to celebrate it by cutting cake and watching the fireworks at the top of terrace. But not anymore, maybe because some wishes were fake! Ah one never knows isn't it?
I remember the year when my close uncle had called me on a new year's night and for the next new year is was no more, passed away days before new year, I didn't wish anyone that night.
I remember that last new year morning I wished someone who was close to me and this morning I felt pain because I can longer wish because we parted ways. Funny that I still yearn to wish and he may not even spare a thought!

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But it's all part and parcel of life, so let me take it in my stride.
And this new year who ever wishes me or not, I believe it's important to wish myself, and make myself happy.
Treat myself good, and spread smiles.
And let me end my rants here with a note - you may or may not have resolutions for this year, but don't forget to be happy, buy that book you wanted to read, go to that place you always to go, cook/order something that you want to eat, talk to people you wanted to but avoided for various reasons. Plan a vacation, chase your dreams that you had boxed up for long. Express your feelings. Voice your thoughts.
Live your life. Spread love.


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