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Heart? or Mind?

As earth faced the moon, and stars adorned the sky, she took her seat across him, meeting him after all these years felt very taxing but somewhere a part of her had wished for this moment.
He : It’s good to see you
She : Same here
He : So.. how are you?
She : Fine, thank you and I can see you are fine too. Tell me about why this meeting? you didn’t call me here to ask how am I doing, isn’t it, after all these years.
He : I want to know what you feel about me.. I mean ..I want you to leave all those bitterness about me and take care of your heart..
She : Why, now? Just because I am not married? or I am not in any relationship? I am fine, like really fine, this is my choice of living. And speaking of my heart, I think, heart can be taken care now or maybe later, but it is mind that must be handled with care, that is where memories reside, heart is resilient, it has the ability to heal..if not it collapses once for all, but what about mind? it eats every moment throwing flashes of memories around.. Sorry, but now I have taken care of my mind and heart as well. You came here to meet me not because of me being single or because of our shared past, it is only because you feel guilty, because you feel it is your mistake to have been involved with me and you just want to say few soothing words and convince me to get married, so that you can claim to friends that we parted and chose others for a better life, and you don’t want others to think that I didn’t marry thinking about my past relationship..ex lover,that is you! Well, no! this is my life and my choice. I hope you know what it means to follow one's heart. Thanks for coming,
It is getting late, I guess your wife will be waiting for you. I shall take my leave now. And please delete my number.
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Heart heals, It is mind that has to be taken care of? Isn’t it?


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