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Sweet and Sour Love

In a few hours the earth will bid bye to sun and most of the people hurry to get back to their home and others wake up to start their day or night to earn their living, isn't it amazing that someone's day of work is another's time of rest and vice versa
What's weird to us is beautiful to others
And sometimes
What's love to us is nothing to the person we love..
We can't explain life and it's plans
It's different for each of us or I can say it works in different way for each of us..

Lost in thoughts Neela?
Hey Krish, just like that, how was your day?

Good good, a new trainee joined our team, she is so beautiful, she-
Not again! I don't want to hear anymore.. I've heard talk about too many girls, yeah beautiful, lovely, bold, hot blah blah

Haha! I think jealousy is bad, isn't it?
Oh you think I'm jealous!

Why not?
Why jealous?

Mmm.. Maybe you like me
Oh! Eureka! You decoded a girl's feeling? Wow

Don't exaggerate, I know you like me, I have seen you flare up with jealousy whenever I talk about other girls or whenever I go on dates or..
What else did you notice??

That you like me
Hmm if there's something called selective blindness then you are the first person to have it! You just open your eyes to certain things and close to others.

Silly you! Don't exaggerate, and never fall for feelings, just have fun don't be serious about anyone.. Including me!
Ah! People look at the surface of things and assume what they think is better, never venturing into the depths.

My love for him is just play of emotions by raged hormones to him.. I sometimes feel it's all just a messy mass of hormones playing with mind and yet at times I feel mind and will has a great role to play than just to abide the whims of hormones and this guy.. Just fears love or just addicted to the thrills.. A butterfly he is savoring the nectar of different flowers! Never enough.. Never stable..

Lost again, my dear?? To ease your jealous feelings let me tell you something, I like you for all those brain numbing lectures you give me!!
Hmm I know what you like in me
Haha really? What?
I want you to Promise me that you will stop viewing yourself in darkness and face the light
Hmm.. alright.. Now tell me-
Close your eyes

It was childish desire
To plant a kiss on his cheeks
Nervous and wanting
Surprised and happy
His amused expression
His befuddled slow smile
Mumbled something in surprise
And I knew..

Mmm.. That was unexpected.. Undeserving.. Yet.. Sweet. Sooo if cheeks, why not lips?
Hmm.. Because your lips feast on thrilling sensations rather than tasting the innermost feelings.. Your lips have traded more kisses with many lips that it doesn't differentiate lips from lips.. Your lips fed sweet lies and created illusion to many lips before
And.. Before you taste love.. Be ready to give away your love.. Be ready to feel love without touching


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