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Love that was! Friendship that will be - Part 1

He went leaving her stranded while she stood searching for words, he never saw her eyes lose life watching him walk away, the shine of liveliness was now taken over by void while tears pooled in her eyes

Love never promise mutual affection
Done reading?
Yeah! wassup!
I am all set to be received by my date
I can see that
Wish me luck! 
Hmm..this is the third date with him, why you need luck?
Last two were just eating, talking and flirting, nothing more. So I fervently hope things take a turn!!
Anything wrong? You sound dull
Nothing, just hungover about the book I read 
Ah, it's just a book for god-sake!
Right! Enjoy the night
Thanks sweetheart! When will Vandita come?
In an hour
Cool. See ya!
Take care..

I felt haziness surround me with the turn of events, scrubbed harshly by realities, all the rose tinted future I imagined are bleak now. 
Who knew my friend would date my Ex! Oh well correction..not my Ex lover, but more of friend whom I loved and remained unloved by him. "There's no future for us", he quoted at times letting me know that he knew my feelings very well! A no strings attached sort of relationship would have been okay with him but it's not what I want, and so things went worse when I demanded him to talk with him, I was lashed for being 'too sensitive'..after-all he can talk with who ever he pleases and cannot be forced to reply just because I want..

Replaying the events I realize I was just blind to see and naive to not comprehend, he was always clear of what he wanted and I saw him in veil of exaggerating goodness which he was not! he had vouched for the demon he was. 

Life has its own way to teach you lessons and make you taste sweet and bitterness

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