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Drop in the Ocean

This Post has been chosen by Blogadda team for the WOW Prompt - A Drop in the Ocean

I watched the butterfly flutter around flowers in delight enjoying the company of just bloomed flowers, what a beauty life is, I think everyone would have come across this line - "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a Butterfly"
And I am still a caterpillar cocooned in a shell, wanting to explore the world yet chained down..


*a few years back*

The noises in and around didn't make much sense, a way to end it all was the only thing looked forward.

How did I end up here was the constant question buzzing in my head, half baked advises, half baked understanding and dreams everything pushed me far from thinking straight, after all I was just another student who had cleared her 12th exams - PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology), the pride of parents, a tag to boast! 
Just another student drowning between Engineering and Medical seats that was prioritized by the world
Yeah! I am just A drop in the ocean of aspiring students with dreams of achievement and success.

My friend's daughter chose Computer Science Engineering, my father stated with a hint of sadness that was laced with a question - what about you?

M cousins who were elder than me were Engineers currently pursuing their careers or had established their careers, each one explained and advised me on the different branches prevalent in Engineering and different colleges and blah blah..
Much of which went on top of my head.

And then arrived my cousin who was of the same age as mine with her certificates and mark-sheets to secure a seat.. Engineering of course.. Software Engineer, the one I had least idea about and the one I never considered at all!

My desperate father and tensed Mother along with my cousin's parents propelled me forward to act and I made a decision to study for 4 years..


*Present day*

Unemployment hit hard, I am still dependent and still as confused as ever about the skills, dreams, expectations and future..

I feel the flutter of dreams 
Of future 
An unsettling feeling envelops 
thinking about the decision

Oh what to do I am just another drop in the ocean, just another face in this vast world, just another daughter who has to think about parents and their wishes before her wishes and dreams.

Now there's another whim from the people

She is lucky to have a job in bank, says my mom with a faraway look 
Why don't you join some banking course, she continues, so you can help your father with your income? He will be proud of you

Her hope blows away my heart to pieces and I feel that unsettling flutter again

No I am enrolling myself to any bank courses!, I say with finality

No son or daughter considers parents concern and wishes, they don't obey nor pay heed... I hear her murmur standing by the window and watching the butterfly fly across, isn't it beautiful to find your favorite flower among the garden of choices? 

I may be just a drop in the ocean
But a drop nonetheless
With significant dreams and wishes
With significant part to contribute 

P.S : I am not against PCMB or Engineering or banking or people who opt that field of study, but I don't support being forced into it. With this post I would like to say each drop in the ocean has its own significance and so are dreams and people each with their part in this vast ocean like world. Follow your dreams

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


  1. You should go ahead in writing a book. . . It will reach everybody. . Bcoz common sense and general knowledge is very poor in our country.

    1. Thanks for reading :)
      I will surely try to write something ..let's hope for best.
      Yeah sadly it is..


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