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The Guy in Black

There were not much people around, just a bunch of guys here, a group of women there, and a few girls walking around.

And she stood with her cousins, throwing a casual glance around the dining hall, as the girls babbled about groom and his friends.

Bored to death, she was about to leave, when he entered, the guy in black.

A friend of his ushered him to the buffet, and soon left him with the food, there was something that made her curious about him, maybe the way he walked or the way he chose the servings.

Looking around, he took a chair, which was diagonal to her.

Seconds passed, and they locked eyes on each other, a few seconds later breaking the eye contact she looked around to find empty chairs in plenty.

A small smile curved her lips.

Another stolen look at him, confirmed that he was looking at her. 
Many looks exchanged, she was contemplating on asking his name.

Let's go home, her mother nudged her.

With a silent sigh she walked away..

P.S : This was written long back! So you might find slight difference in my narrative 


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