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Maya - Enchanting Illusion

Sweeter than nectar
It was bliss!
The heavenly happiness
Filling my heart

Smile of pride kissed my Lips
And I owned the world.
I rejoiced in the glory 
Of Happiness and Love
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A rosy view of life
I had.
Then the curtain feel
Shattering my heart to splinters

My heart cried in agony
Eyes grew tired of crying
Depression owned me now
As my world fell apart

There was no fault of mine
'Why did I deserve such thing?', I asked
'You deserve much more',
She said

Her answer seemed to mock me
'It was a beautiful illusion'
She continued
'A glittering golden net wooed you'.
'It cannot be illusion,
It felt real', I countered
'You felt it was real, but it's not!'
'It was a veil covering your senses.
You have to cast it away
And see the world for how it is!
And not just what u want to see'

Enchanting veil
Maya, the beautiful shadow
Is necessary but not ultimate or permanent!

Maya resides everywhere
Open your inner eye
And see the world
Enjoy the pleasures of world
For it is your life
But don't get attached to it

Recognize yourself


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