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Candid Shots of Life

Of late I have been interested in photography, especially in candid shots, observation has always been my strong forte and photography is all about observing and capturing moments,
And to pursue this hobby of mine I started going out to different localities and public places a lot,
I look at people closely, try to read their expression and guess their life stories, apart from this I try to hear them speak which leads me to gossips, secrets, and tales of happiness and sadness.

I capture them of course without their knowledge, the mischief glint in their expression while they gossip about the neighborhood, the twinkle of happiness, the pride while talking about the success achieved by their children, the stealing glance of lovers, the angry stare while arguing, the silent pain..People when they express what they really feel is absolutely awesome, I find them interesting, it is glorious when they drop their masks and embrace their emotions.

These days I have been visiting a local park where I came across two friends, who are women in their middle age, I captured their moments and err eavesdropped on their banter about the usual family chatter and local gossip. endearing to see these two friends - Saritha and Veena, their friendship inspired me to create a collage of candid friends moments!! 

I thought to wrap up my work in the park but I heard Saritha talk about her recent visit to doctor who suspected her symptoms with a certain illness, what it is I don't know, as they never uttered its name past 2 days, she has been informed informally that it has no cure.

Saritha, whose eyes lost its shine, whose expression is so lifeless goes through myriad of changes when she spots someone familiar in the park who comes to greet her. A fake smile and enthusiasm is adorned swiftly, followed by animated conversation about families and this artificial mask drops as soon as they pass and her face is blank, devoid of color.
I have my collection of shots of her and her friend Veena, the only person to know about Saritha's disease and they vowed to keep it to themselves until the 'right' time.

Veena, who I assume to be the close friend of Saritha holds a positive and strong countenance, though shaken and contained with grief about her friend, never shows it on face lest her friend slips into abyss of depression. I admire their bond

But every time I take their picture I feel guilty, there's a nagging voice which disapproves my action.
I feel like an intruder, a thief or far more worse person who is using others for personal benefit,yet I couldn't help but capture the raw emotions that unfold and I am curious about the reports ..

I wonder how would Saritha react? Should I comfort? but how can I?
Like..I have been taking snaps of yours and chanced to hear what you talk..ugh,,that is so stupid..
Will they really come here today? after all they might go to some other place far more private than this public park..
What if she couldn't handle ? This numbered life surely have us in its grasp of attachment and bonds.

Imbalance in health pushes the human into loop of miseries, the number of medical tests and reports, the scans and questions, and again the money and happiness spent on it! 
Sigh..this leads to one thing that is very important, Health, not just physical health but also healthy mind, healthy relationships.

Lost in my own contemplation of their life I missed Saritha coming, now she sits with her back to me, and we both await Veena who is now approaching her friend. I can read her expression asking about reports, but Saritha shudders a few seconds before crying and hugs Veena, "Everything will be fine..tell me what happened", I hear Veena speak anxiously, while Saritha empties her burden of tears on the shoulder of her friend.

Before any of us could react further, Saritha breaks into a feeble heart warming smile,
"There's nothing to worry", she sighs amidst tears and smiles, while I smile and capture the moment in my phone.

2 weeks later

To the lovely women who inspire
Here is to wish you lots of happiness, smiles and health

"It is a beautiful card", Veena said 
"Indeed, with beautiful flowers.. wonder who kept it here..? any idea?", questions Saritha
"I guess someone has a crush on you", giggles Veena and takes the card with flowers
"I definitely accept good wishes", she says while Saritha picks the card and says
"For health and happiness!!" they laugh.

While I capture the moment in my heart :)


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