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Rainbows and Tears

The sun blazing hot over head shined like there won't be any rain for few days but as the evening approached the rain poured dousing the scorched heat which was experienced just a few hours ago.
Samhita went about doing her share of chores cursing both the sun and rain, these were the two extreme ends of the spectrum and she despised the extremes as much as she can.

Today's rain mirrored her torrent of thoughts which overpowered her mind which struggled to rein them in! She had locked those memories for good or so she thought until they came to drown her in full flow!
Making her question about her strength, will, whatever you call.. But isn't it just one side effect of feelings that explode the sanity of mind until one surrenders to their object of affection? yeah just one side effect of many such!
Feelings are powerful enough is crush the logic and brittle enough to break causing pain again, it's a chain reaction she thought, wiping the mirror clean, staring at her own eyes, she remembered him saying it is the best part of her face, big and doe-like..

Does he now compliment others? she raises her eyebrows and wonders whether her eyes are really beautiful, while noticing the smudged kohl.

The dream had pinched her brutally and now she longed to get a glimpse of him, and the nights following the dream were sleepless making her restless mind all the more irritated, she arranges the stack of books in the book rack picking up a piece of paper which has her favorite quotes, she recalls sharing these with him, he had liked and set it as his Whatsapp status! 
It's completely true and brilliant he had said. 
Reading was her forte and whenever she came across songs or poems or even passages that intrigued her, they were promptly shared with him, but now they are just read and at most written in her dairy but never shared, especially those words that speak of love, lust, intimacy, philosophy...
He wasn't philosophical yet liked its approach.

She took out a book to read and made a cup of chai. 
Rain, book and a cup of chai were the best combo ever, she sighed making her way towards the window seat in her room, the rain which poured with gusto was now just a playful drizzle to the likes of her.

He never liked rain, she thought knotting her eyebrows in irritation, 'I must not think about him', she hisses under her breath, opening the book, as a fast reader she has covered 1/4th of the book mesmerized by the poetic narration of the story, she was so lost to notice the rainbow that peeped through the just parted clouds.

Her fingers froze as she turned the page and her eyes stilled halfway through the page, engulfed in the storm of mixed feelings she slowly kept the book aside, as the chapter depicting the intimacy between the protagonists closed, she sipped the chai which now tasted bitter and the rainbow dazzled her eyes with its bleakness



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