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I never stood a chance...

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She : I never stood a chance, did I..?
He : It's not what you think..the chance of you cannot be equated to the chance of 'Us'..don't you think?
She : Chance of 'Us' can happen only if I am your choice..but the way you are talking now..
He : It's not that I don't have feelings for you think it was all a farce..! You don't..don't you?
She : I am not questioning your feelings..I remember you speaking about our bond and saying that you don't want to name it.. and all this while I thought that you meant our bond to be nameless..our relationship to be beyond name..without conforming to the boundaries but something pure and free..but never in my dream I thought that you don't want to give it a name!!
He : Yes I didn't name because I wanted our relationship to take its own course, I didn't want to restrict it..
She : I can construct dam to a river but never to an ocean.. you are one such vast ocean where all my river of feelings want to belong..but..I forgot that rivers can dry up..
He : I don't want to be your grief..
She : I know..your feelings however short lived are a treasure to me..however unsure are my safekeep ..I love you so much that I want to let you go where your life takes you..whatever the situation is I never want you to feel chained to my love..all these talks are not arguments nor I am fighting with you..and the grief you are talking about is nothing but a bittersweet ache..One can never argue with one's lover to say love when the lover is very clear about leaving..I don't want to ask, because love is all about giving and it's not about expectations, and I will be most happiest in your happiness..
He : Your love was never an question for me to answer, nor is it now. Yet whenever you doubt about choice you made and feel you wasted your feelings on a rock, then remember that however a rock is hard and impenetrable, the nature..the green has its own way to grow in are one such beautiful wild flower in my life and never can I replace you or your memories..

The skies of change rain hard and her heart whispers - You knew you never stood a chance, didn't you? yet..

pic courtesy:pixabay

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