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Moonless Night

Walking on the rain-soaked road, the steps felt long and heavy. It was just another day returning from work, but it was not usual. I never felt it coming. The temporary job I was working on came to an end, very early, before the date we had fixed upon. The long walk home seems draining my energy and my mind feels too numb. What next? I hear the questions coming from every known and the unknown person.
What next?
I look above, the stars blink down as the darkness descend.


Wind howling into the night sending shivers down the spine. Cold and eerie the damp room frightened him, as he walked around trying not to disturb the silence of the night.
A sob escaped from the huddled figure on the floor.
'Hey, are you alright? Get up', he lent his hand.
'He is no more..', she sobbed pointing to the man on the bed.

Leaves rustled near the window, whispering among themselves. While coldness of night crept the corners of the room.


The wet grass fresh with rain could've soothed her feet and mind, but not today, or rather not tonight. The dilemma tore her thoughts and fed her sanity. Every logic and every emotion gnawed her senses. One is her heartbeat and the other her breath. Losing one will result in death, yet the ultimatum was thrown at her face. Anger and Helpless, she screamed into the night, but no one heard her. Not even the moon.

The moonless night descending darkness over them, 
the stars twinkle 
but a dull affair.
Heavy with agony
Tired of thoughts
lonely they slept
on a moonless night


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