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Flowers for the dead - Part 1

The blazing sun couldn't reach beyond the glass window panes of the moving metro train. Standing near the door with earphones plugged in Samhitha looked ahead skimming through the crowd, which has been her routine now. Looking at the crowd and constructing a story, with soaring imaginations just like a teenager, became her favorite pastime.

The journey in the metro wasn't long one, and it helped her mind to flex a bit by keeping personal and professional thoughts aside. While her professional life was... Well, a typical job supporting her finances. Her life, on the other hand, was chaotic, that's what she thought. All the dreams and hope, expectation were drowned in the run for life. Her story was just another random story which you'll run into and which doesn't make you sympathize or empathize. One would just say that's how life is! Yeah!
Most problems in life will not be something big or critical, just another problem. Just another ordinary life.

Two stations passed by as she looked out through the glass window. The scene was of a burial ground and the graveyard was full, all of sudden she sensed that there was someone in that graveyard, but before she could look any longer the train moved ahead, Samhitha craned her neck and caught the last glimpse at the person whose features were a blur. Many wild possibilities ran through her mind. While people went to the graveyard for burial or other yearly religious duties, it was not common for one person to wander about the graveyard. Or what if he wasn't a human at all.. her mind suggested at which a chill ran through her spine or was it the A/C?
With buzzing thoughts and wild speculations, Samhitha entered her workspace with a decision to catch the same train tomorrow.

Day 2 in metro train
Time: 8.35 AM

She had boarded the metro at the same time yesterday. The metro sped away and she stood looking at the glass door forgetting her habit of weaving imaginary stories. None of the people inside the train held her eyes nor her mind. Both were searching or rather waiting for another glimpse of the graveyard and that person or ghost, whatever he was. Within minutes the train crossed two stations and sped for the third which made her very alert. Samhitha hoped to see as clearly as possible and soon the graveyard came to the view, many old and new graves gave a silent testimony to life, that everything comes to an end and not even your body stays on this Earth.
Samhitha could now see someone standing by a grave placing flowers and the scene shifted.
The picture remained throughout her journey. It was eerie but warm. A peaceful chill clawed her senses.

Day 3
Time: 8.37 AM

The low cacophony of human voices and the loud buzz of announcements didn't distract her anymore. A story played out every morning and Samhitha was the lone audience of it. She was now convinced that he was not the ghost, but very much human who must have lost someone close, but she couldn't understand why he came here every day. The flowers and features were very much blur, but she could deduce that he was a tall person, maybe 6 ft or nearly 6 ft. And liked dark clothes. Three days of observation cannot be vouched for but she was all for a wild guess. She didn't want to imagine his story, but she wanted to know his story.

Day 15
Time: 5:30 PM

'Hey, wanna join us tomorrow? Saturday night..a drink or two?', asked Sujatha, one of Samhitha's colleagues.
Samhitha was about to decline when Sujatha continued and mentioned the address which was near the graveyard.
Samhitha observed the man all these days except for weekends. Every day the same scene played out mechanically, but there was no progress to the story. It seemed a good chance to at least meander around the surroundings.

Day 16, at Fantasy pub
Time: 7:00 PM

Sujatha: Why aren't you having anything?
Samhitha: Mmm.. nothing... It's just... Gimme a minute, I'll make a call and come back.
Sujatha: Sure.. come back soon. Vivaswan will be here soon, to sponsor our drinks.
Samhitha: Who?
Sujatha: offo! he is a new joiner, Marketing head.
Samhitha: Oh alright! Be right back!

Turning left from 'Fantasy pub' Samhitha walked ahead to the dead end where the cemetery with all its eeriness stared back at her. Seeing at the daylight though gloomy was far better than looking at it now. Samhitha's heart pounded against her ribs, and an unknown fear enveloped her.
I shouldn't have come here, she cursed herself.
'What do you want?', The sudden voice made her jump. He was the cemetery watchman.
The dryness in her throat made it impossible to speak.
'I don't think you came here to meet anyone', he chuckled.
' I..I was looking...I was just looking around..hmm.. any florist shop around?'
'Oh...I see.. Go back.. And take first left turn, keep walking you'll find a flower shop at your right.'
'Thank you.'
'Careful madam.  If you want to offer flowers here, I suggest you come morning, don't get into the unwanted adventure.'
'Hmm yeah.. so is this place haunted?'
'Haha.. doesn't it look haunting?? I haven't seen any ghosts here. But better to come morning, like that guy who visits with flowers.'
'There's a man who comes every morning and keeps a flower on a grave and goes away.'
'You know him?'
'No. He greets me sometimes. That's all, very silent. Do you know him, madam?'
'Oh, not really. Is that grave new? Who else visits?'
'It's a year old. I Haven't noticed anyone else visiting. I cannot understand the words written on it, some foreign language I guess.'
The language part puzzled Samhitha as she made her way to have a look at the bouquet shop.

There were roses, button flowers, lavender, and every other colorful flower. But the man was placing white flowers, she thought or maybe yellow. She was about to enquire the shopkeeper but her mobile rang.

7.45 PM back at Fantasy pub

'Where were you??', Sujatha questioned. Samhitha could make out that her colleague had been drinking heavily. And she didn't want to deal with drunken talks now.
Samhitha cooked up stories which escaped her colleague's mind under the heavy influence of alcohol.
'Leave na, come and have a drink'+, Sujatha dragged Samhitha to the table where her colleagues were drinking to heaven.
A drink was passed to Samhitha which she held in her hand without drinking. She never drank and she didn't want her colleagues to focus their attention on her and make her drink. All through the talking she pretended to drink and poured some into Sujatha's glass.

Unaware, Samhitha was being observed by a guy dressed in black.

'You can drrrrink anything, enjoy Sam', stuttered Sujatha oblivious to her surroundings while Samhitha was thinking of a way to escape.
'You are wasting my money', a voice said. Samhitha looked to her right to locate its source in the dim light, his features were mostly clouded in dark.
'Huh...', she started, 'Don't you think you must at least respect when someone spends on you?', He pointed at the almost empty glass in her hand.
'Oh... I'm not wasting, I'm just pouring it into others glass who really like drinking', she mumbled, trying to remember the name her colleague had mentioned.
'Hmm... Interesting so you are trying to get your colleague wasted! Ah!!'
Samhitha looked at him unable to get off the conversation she was least interested in.
'Look Vishwas, it's really good that you are buying drinks for your co-workers but I'm not in the mood for a drink right now nor for a conversation, and lastly I don't want to explain my reasons.'
'Well well, I think u owe reason when someone invests in you and Samhitha, know your colleagues well... At least their names. I'm Vivaswan by the way. Permit me to have the glass you are holding.'
Vivaswan took away the glass without waiting for her and made his move.
'Damn...', Samhitha muttered.. 'damn this party, damn the drinks, damn my colleagues and damn you, VIVASWAN!!'
She made her way out without informing Sujatha while Vivaswan chuckled and tossed away the drink into the drain.
'Damn me!'

To be continued

You can read the Second part here


  1. Eagerly waiting for part 2,

  2. Where is the next part?? I have been waiting for so long :(

    1. Welcome, to my blog. Sorry, I was out of the city. Next part will soon be posted shortly :)


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